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2017 Breakfast of Champions

18th Annual Breakfast of Champions Monday, December 3,2018 8:30 am Carmen's Banquet Center

Are you a Provincial, Regional, National or International Champion from 2018?

Please return back for 2018 registration information!

In order to qualify for the Breakfast of Champions, your athlete or team must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

-The athlete or team is a Provincial Champion through a recognized provincial sport body. (For example, with schools they must win an OFSSA Championship)

-The athlete or team competed at the National level representing your province or region--there must have been a provincial championship to enter the national or regional championship.

-The athlete or team has competed at the international level by qualifying to represent Canada. (iopen entry international competition that do not require qualifiers, are not eligible)

Athletes and teams who qualify for recognition at the Breakfast, must have the Coach register their athlete and/or team online no later than November 16, 2018 by 11:59 pm.

It is extremely important to submit all the information needed in order to be recognized at this special event.

SportHamilton reserves the right to review all submissions to determine eligibility.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Helen Downey, SportHamilton President, at