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Lively Dragon Boat Club

Lively Dragon Boat Club

Club Information

Club Type: 14 - 70+
Phone: 905-407-2149
Address: 2319 Industrial Street
Burlington, ON L7P 1A3
Bay Front Park, Hamilton


Lively Dragon is a club out of Burlington/Hamilton Area.  We have paddlers that come from Mississauga, Milton and Brantford to paddle with us.  We own our own boats...(18 in total) as well as all the equipment that goes along with the boats... paddles, life jackets etc.
Currently, practices are indoors once a week.
Monday practices take place in Burlington at Cedar Springs Raquetball Club 7:15pm-8:30pm (this is a practice where we work on technique and do drills)
The boat practices will begin mid-april on the water (depending on the weather) and take place in Hamilton at Bayfront Park.  These practices will also be Monday ususally 7:30-9pm
The cost of practices are $10 each  You can also purchase once a week consecutive practices... they are $85 for ten consecutive (once a week) practices.
We have fitness tests every five or six weeks.  The next one is scheduled for the end of January.  There is no fee for fitness testing.
The fitness test takes place at our house on Bay St in Hamilton.   It consists of the following:
Bench press .
Pull up--- lay on the bench face down (the bench is up a bit higher... say... waist hieght)  then you lift or pull up the bench press bar with weights so the total weight is 65 lbs.  You do this as many times as you can in one minute.
Rowing Machine--as fast as you can... for two minutes and the distance is recorded.
All data is recorded.  This is a personal fitness test.  The purpose is for each individual to be as fit as possible by spring which in turn will mean the whole team is fit and ready for on the water practices and races!
Our coach is Ramsay Drummond-Young.  He has competed in three World Dragonboat Championships (Rome, Poland and Toronto) and he is an International Dragon Boat Federation Official.  He officiated at two world championships once in Penang Malaysia and the second just this past season in Prague Czech Republic.
Team manager/assistant coach and fellow paddler. 


Jackie Taggart.  In Penang Malaysia was part of a seniors women crew who won a gold in our 2000m race, and two bronze medals... one in the 500m and one in the 200m sprint. Jackie is also an International Dragon Boat Federation Official level 2 and also officiated in Prague Czech Republic.
Our team hosts and races at three events every year:
Lively Dragon Milton Charity Event at Kelso Conservation Area on May 28
Waterfest Event is our home event taking place at Bayfront Park on July 9
Christie Lake event is our fun regahtta event that has a whole bunch of fun wacky races... this takes place on Sept 17
The whole team races for free at all three of these events.  We hope, in turn, that you will lend a hand on the docks or take up another volunteer position to help the day run smooth.  A light breakfast, snacks throughout the day as well as lunch and bottled water is provided for all volunteers.
There will be two other races thrown into that mix.. one in June and one in August.  There is a race fee for these two races.  (usually around the $30 mark)
We hope you will join us for indoor pool practices and come out and meet the rest of our crew.  I know you will be given a warm welcome!


For any ladies and gentlemen who are breast cancer survivors we would like to recommend a fellow club.

 Knot A Breast Dragon Boat Club BCS

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