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Contact to Contact

Contact to Contact

Club Information

Club Type: 6-23
Phone: 905-515-9227
Address: 480 Stonechurch road east, apt # 402, Hamilton, Ontario


Sport Equipment Fitting, Techniques & Training

Contact to Contact focuses on proper fitting techniques, training and maintenance to help reduce sport injury in contact sports.

Contact to Contact (CTC) was born from the need for specific equipment fitting and facilitation to help reduce concussions and sport injury among youth.

While no measures can totally eliminate concussions or sport injuries, CTC focuses on the "preventative measures" needed to reduce youth risk through the proper fitting of equipment, on-going training and proper equipment maintenance.

According to the 2011 Public Health agency of Canada more than 40% of child and youth injuries treated in emergency departments are sport and recreation related.

30 % of those in children aged 5-9 years:
68 % of those in children aged 10-14 years; and
55 % of those in youth aged 15-19 years

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