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About Us

Our Vision

A unified sport community providing life-long, healthy opportunities that enhances participation and quality sport for all.

Mission Statement

SportHamilton promotes, supports and enhances sport in the Hamilton community.

SportHamilton History

The organization began in 1986 and until 2004 was known as the Hamilton Sport Council. The volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of community citizens who have a strong sport interest.

The mandate of SportHamilton is to assist local sport organizations in a variety of ways such as coaching education, volunteer training, recognition events such as the Annual Sport Volunteer Appreciation Awards and the Annual Breakfast of Champions. Funding for these initiatives was limited until 2002 when the Ontario Trillium Foundation provided strong financial support to SportHamilton over a three year period. This funding and grants and partnerships from other sources have allowed SportHamilton to continue with it’s mandate on a broader scope within the newly amalgamated City of Hamilton.

SportHamilton receives financial support from the City of Hamilton annually and works closely with the City’s Recreation Department.   As well SportHamilton works with  Public Health Department, the  Hamilton school boards, McMaster University, Mohawk College, Redeemer University, Canadian Sport for Life Society and various other sport and not for profit agencies developing partnerships and collaborations for the benefit and enhancement of sport and physical activity in the Hamilton community.

In 2015 SportHamilton partnered with Arecelor Mittal Dofasco Grassroots Soccer Pan Am Legacy Program (with financial support through Hamilton Athletic Trust).  In 2017 Hamilton Moves Project was approved  by Ontario Trillium Foundation bringing together various partners (Sport for Life, HWCDSB, City of Hamilton Recreation and Public Health) for a three year physical literacy project. In 2016  SportHamilton with an OTF seed grant led a feasibility study for a Multi-Sport Indoor Facility Project now known as the Hamilton Collaborative Partnership Group. In 2018 SportHamilton joined the effort in bringing home the Commonwealth Games to Hamilton as part of the  Hamilton 2026 Commonwealth Games Bid Corporation Bid Committee.

Our Values

  • Fun and inclusive access 

  •  Ethical, respectful and moral behaviour 

  •  Safe, supportive and fun environment  

  •  Physical activities and sport opportunities for all

Our Operating Principles (GOALS)

  1. Physical Literacy, Quality Sport, LTAD Framework

  2. Encourage participation at all ages and all levels of play/competition 

  3. Activities support sustainability 

  4. Recognition and respect for all 

  5. Effective Communication 

  6. Effective organization management