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Physical Literacy Summit 2017

Ontario Physical Literacy Summit 2017 Hamilton

Ontario Physical Literacy Summit

Friday September 22, 2017

Redeemer University College

Hamilton, Ontario


Presenter Names and Workshop Titles

Alanna Schieck- DrumFIT
Physical Literacy with DrumFIT: Pairing Technology and Individual Fitness

Alison Edwards- BOKS
Building Our Kids' Success (BOKS): Active Kids = Active Minds

Anne Facey- OASPHE 
Developing Motor Competence with Territory Games

Ashleigh Powell- National Ballet School of Canada
Sharing Dance- Anyone can teach it!

Carolyn Trepanier- DANCEPL3Y
Developing Physical Literacy Through Dance

Chris Wilson- CIRA Ontario
1. Counting on Fun
2. DPA the CIRA Way

Christian Giovannini- Fundamental Movements and Soccer
Physical Literacy and Il Calcio (Soccer)!

Dr. Amanda Chow- University of Saskatchewan
If I Can Do It, I Can Teach It: Supporting Early Childhood Educators to Engage with Children in Activities Aimed at Increasing Physical Literacy

Dr. Andrew Peters- Rising Stars Athletics & Education Inc.
Life Skills Through Sport - Run the Right Way - Goal Setting & Healthy Decision Making

Dr. James Mandigo- Brock University
Teaching Living- Skills for Understanding (TLfU)

Dr. Jeffrey Graham- Infant and Child Health Lab, McMaster University
Self- Regulation and Physical Activity in School Settings

Dr. Trish Tucker- University of Western, Ontario
Supporting Physical Activity in Childcare Centres

Elyse Lappano- Brock University Inclusive and Adaptive Movement Programming

Emily Bremer & Dr. Jeffrey Graham- Infant and Child Health Lab Members, McMaster University
Making Movement Matter- Address the Gender Gap in Physical Literacy

Gord Zubyck- Russel Highschool, Upper Canada DSB
Training the Brain with Play

Heather Davidson- City of Hamilton, Recreation Division

Heather Gardner- Human Kinetics
Physical Literacy on the Move: Developing Kids Movement Competence and Confidence

Hilary Caldwell- Child Health and Exercise, McMaster University
Mark Verbeek- Sport for Life

Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth PLAY Tools Training

Jay Tredwell- Ridley College
The Passport to an Athletic School Population

Jeff and Derek Morgan- Pickleball Hamilton
Pickleball 101

Jesse Williamson- City of Hamilton, Recreation Division
CATCH- Coordinate Approach to Children's Health

Jessica Mancini- Lifemark Physiotherapy
Kate McNamara- Hamilton Public Health Services

Love Your Brain Like You Love Your Game (Brain Smart Hamilton)

Jon Halyko- Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds
Why Natural Playgrounds?

Katie Ansell & Zubin Surkari- Cricket Canada
Cricket for Kids

Linda Whitfield- PlayTubs

Liz Way- Atec Marketing Limited: Jumprope
Double Dutch Fun for PE and the Playground

Lynn Campanella- Playocracy
The Secret to Changing the Recess Culture

Meagan Nederveen- MVP VolleyTotz
VOLLEYTOTZ: Introduction to Volleyball and Sport

Michelle Hillier- The Groove EDGEucation
The Groove: Using the BODY, BRAIN AND BEING to Learn!

Milt Ottey- OT Fitness and Educational Services
Fun in Athletics

Nathan Rice- Free the Numbum
Breath New Life into Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

Andrea- Ophea
1. Inclusion: We're All in this Together
2. First Nations Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

Steve Friesen- Raise the Bar
Increasing Physical Literacy Opportunities for Students

Steve Lidstone- Brock Sports Performance
Designing and Implementing a Curriculum for Youth Athletes

Ted Temertzoglou- Thompson Educational Publishing
1. Reimagining Health and Physical Education
2. Physical Literacy Circuits for Ages 5 to 11

Val Sarjeant
Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel

Brandy Tanenbaum, Sarah Gallsworthy, John McLennan, Dr. Dean Kriellaars, and LeeAnne Cupidio

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Dean Kriellaars

Physical literacy expert, works with Sport for Life, PHE Canada,Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba, RCMP community wellness initiatives, National Circus School and Cirque du Soleil performance enhancement and injury prevention.  Dr. Kriellaars has received numerous awards for teaching, research and innovation and is a faculty member at the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Manitoba. 


Dr. Cairney is a physical literacy, motor development, paediatric exercise and mental health expert. He is currently a professor at the University of Toronto,Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education. Dr. Cairney was the inaugural holder of the McMaster Family Medicine Research Chair in Child Health and the founding Director of the Infant and Child Health (INCH) lab at McMaster University.He is the research director for Sport for Life, was the President (2009-2015) of the Canadian Academy of Psychiatry, is currently President for the North American Society for Paediatric Exercise Medicine.


Dr. Colin Higgs is Professor Emeritus in the School of Human Kinetics, Memorial University, Newfoundland. Dr. Higgs is a physical literacy, long term athlete development and sport biomechanics expert as well as a member of the Sport for Life Leadership team. Dr. Higgs has done extensive work and research in biomechanics of sport for individuals with a disability, classification systems of sport disabilities. Dr. Higgs was the first recipient of the International Paralympic Committee Sport Science Award, Past-President of PHE Canada and Vice-President of the International Council for Sport Science and Physical Education. Since 2004 Dr. Higgs has been working with Sport for Life to fundamentally re-design the Canadian sport system with a critical focus on physical literacy in order to enhance sport performance and improve population health throughout the lifespan. He co-authored the "Sport for Life Long Term Athlete Development". Dr. Higgs international work has focused on using sport for social and emotional development and affecting behavioral change particularly for disadvantaged children and youth in developing countries and severely stressed communities.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Brandy Tanenbaum

Brandy Tanenbaum is the Program Co-Ordinator, Office of Injury Prevention, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, Toronto. Co-leader of Play Safe Initiative, Brandy has over 20 years of experience working at local and provincial levels sport and recreation with a focus on creating safe and healthy experiences. Brandy is a certified risk manager and has a Master's degree in Public Health. She is the "Risky Play" expert.


Physical Literacy for All Hamilton